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During your oral exam, our Orange Park, FL, dentist and an assisting team member will perform a full examination of your teeth, gums, and other parts of your mouth. Featuring both physical and visual components, the exam may also utilize diagnostic tools such as digital X-rays and intraoral pictures.

Here are other details about oral examinations.

What to Expect

There’s no need to worry about your upcoming oral exam. The experience is intended to be fast, stress-free, and painless. It’s just an opportunity for Dr. Marino and our team to take a look inside your mouth and double-check that everything looks good.

Once your appointment has begun, we’ll first visually examine your teeth and surrounding soft tissue. Each tooth will be checked for possible issues and if one is found, we will treat it accordingly whether that’s with a tooth-colored filling or a dental crown. We’ll also keep an eye out for signs of tooth decay, concerning stains, margins/gaps around existing restorations, and gum recession.

Oral Exam Dentist Orange Park Florida

Methods Used During an Oral Exam

For a routine oral exam, it’s common for several types of methods to be used when it comes to diagnosing any existing problems. All of these tools or tests are quick and help create a clearer picture of your oral health. If you have any questions about anything that’s lined up for your exam, feel free to ask us – we’d be happy to provide answers!

Possible methods used in conjunction with an oral exam include:

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