Digital X-Ray And Intraoral Pictures Dentist Near Me

Taking X-rays or intraoral pictures at the dentist has greatly advanced over the years thanks to digital technology. Patients are exposed to less radiation than with traditional methods, the images are higher quality, and our Orange Park, FL, dentist is able to view pictures captured in real time on nearby screens. All-around easier for you and us!

Here’s more information about both diagnostic tools.

Digital X-Ray Benefits

For a number of reasons, digital X-rays are great and prove extremely useful. They’re low dose radiation, completely safe, and serve as a necessary monitoring tool for Dr. Marino.

Top benefits associated with digital X-rays include:

  • Patient radiation exposure is reduced by up to 90% compared to traditional X-rays
  • Images taken are better quality and can be viewed instantly
  • No film processing required which eliminates any disposal of harmful waste products or chemicals
  • No time needed for preparation

Purpose of X-Rays and Intraoral Pictures

It’s easy to think that X-rays and other digital images of your mouth are not that necessary. However, these tools are important when it comes to preventive dental care and can help to reveal issues not as easily detected during a routine oral exam.

Some abnormalities are hidden and X-rays work to uncover them for Dr. Marino to see. Dental abscesses, bone loss, tumors, tooth decay, and more can be found with the aid of digital X-rays. Intraoral pictures are a great complement to X-rays as they not only reveal potential issues but also serve as a record of how your smile looked at different stages of treatment.

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