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If committing to dental implants or a permanent bridge is not your style, we also offer removable dentures. Available as either a full set or a partial, dentures seamlessly replace teeth that have been lost due to decay or injury. Whatever your situation, our Orange Park, FL, dentist can work with you to find the right fit and look.

Do I Need Full or Partial Dentures?

The answer to this question will ultimately depend on how many teeth you have missing. Complete dentures are ideal for patients who have lost or had all of their teeth removed. If your teeth are severely decayed and otherwise not in good condition, Dr. Marino will have to resort to tooth extraction. Your smile can then be restored with full dentures.

Partial dentures, on the other hand, work great for patients with some natural teeth still intact. This type is essentially a removable dental bridge that fills in a gap left by one or a few missing teeth. Dr. Marino will conduct a thorough oral exam before deciding whether full or partial dentures work for you.

Adjusting to Wearing Dentures

New things require time and patience as you get used to them. Dentures are no different. While partial dentures are not as much of an adjustment, full dentures can feel “off” for the first few weeks that you have them. This is completely normal and should dissipate over time.

For instance, excess saliva and minor irritation are common for new denture wearers. It’s also expected that your dentures will feel strange in your mouth or even a little loose. All of these symptoms will gradually go away as your cheek muscles, tongue, and entire mouth acclimates. Dr. Marino can always fix the fit if you feel they are still uncomfortable after the normal adjustment period.

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Dentures today and not like those from years past. Our dentist serving Orange Park and Greater Jacksonville, FL, puts quality first and can have them customized to complement your face and any other existing teeth. Call Marino Family Dentistry today at (904) 269-2185 to request an appointment.

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