Tooth Colored Fillings Near Me

Nowadays, metal amalgam fillings are not as prevalent as they used to be in the dental world. That’s because patients want a more discreet cavity solution that flies under the radar. Our Orange Park, FL, dentist agrees with that sentiment and offers tooth-colored fillings that match the natural color of your enamel.

When Are Fillings Needed?

Generally, a tooth-colored filling, or any type of filling, is used when a cavity exists. Dr. Marino will carefully remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill in that area to complete the restoration. Unlike with metal fillings, the tooth-colored variety utilizes composite resin material during this process.

Dental fillings can also be implemented to repair cracked or broken teeth. However, if the damage is extensive enough, Dr. Marino may choose to instead use a protective dental crown.

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Key Benefits of Choosing Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you’re in need of a filling, you want the end result to last. Composite resin fillings offer good durability and can withstand the moderate pressure of chewing every day. They do still require care, however, as do all of your teeth. Dr. Marino urges all patients to brush at least twice a day and floss once daily in addition to regular teeth cleanings.

Other than aesthetics, tooth-colored fillings also:

  • Bond well to tooth structure thus giving extra support
  • Can be used for other dental repair purposes
  • Allow for less tooth structure to be removed compared to metal fillings

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