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The intent of our Orange Park, FL dentist is to always do what’s necessary to save every natural tooth. However, there are times when that is not possible and tooth extraction must be considered. We may recommend this procedure if you have a severely decayed, damaged, impacted, or infected tooth.

Here’s what you need to know about tooth extractions and when they’re necessary.

What Happens Before a Tooth Extraction?

Prior to the actual procedure beginning, Dr. Marino will closely examine the tooth in question and the surrounding gum tissue. It may also prove helpful to take digital X-rays of the area to fully assess the level of damage.

If you’re currently on any medications, now is the time to confirm this information with our team so we have everything we need before getting started. Once we’ve looked at the tooth and determined the next steps, we can go over sedation options. At Marino Family Dentistry, we offer comfort dentistry services in the form of both laughing gas and oral sedation if you prefer one on top of local anesthetic.

Main Reasons for Extraction

A tooth has to be beyond saving for Dr. Marino to choose extraction. Otherwise, we will try to pursue certain restorative treatments like same-day dental crowns or tooth-colored fillings. If the damage does end up being too severe for these procedures, we will proceed with tooth removal.

We may resort to extraction if you have a tooth that is:

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