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It’s estimated that between 9% and 20% of Americans avoid dental visits altogether because of fear. No matter how much you dread sitting in the dental chair, delaying treatment is not the answer. Our (Orange Park, FL, dentist understands that all patients deal with dental anxiety which is why we offer comfort dentistry services.

Here’s more information about dental anxiety and how our staff at Marino Family Dentistry can help you feel at ease.

What is Dental Anxiety?

There are a variety of reasons behind why individuals develop dental anxiety. Some recall a bad appointment they had in their childhood. Others simply fear pain or judgment. Whatever the cause is, it can feel like it’s here to stay. The first step to overcoming it is to identify where it comes from.

You may have dental anxiety if you:

  • Have trouble sleeping the night before your appointment
  • Feel increasingly nervous or on edge when sitting in the waiting room
  • Cry or feel sick when you think about visiting the dentist
  • Experience uneasiness when tools or objects are placed in your mouth during an oral examination
  • Put off treatment even though you need a procedure done

While dental anxiety is not as intense as a dental phobia, it can still interfere with regular teeth cleanings and much needed treatment.

Comfort Dentist Orange Park Fl

Why We Embrace Comfort Dentistry

The deep rooted fear attached to the dentist can be hard to let go of for many patients. We fully understand and thus, act accordingly. Dr. Marino designed our Orange Park, FL, dental office to be a place where relaxation is possible and we are dedicated to ensuring great experiences every day.

If you’re a dog lover and having animals around calms your nerves, we’ve got you covered with our two therapy dogs. Both dogs are trained to sit with you while you wait for your appointment to start or in your suite as our staff works. You can also stream your favorite show or movie during your stay with us using Netflix, Disney+, or YouTube.

Oral sedation and laughing gas are also available upon request. Both options serve to level you out and take away any “edge” you may be feeling. Our oral sedation comes in the form of a pill while laughing gas is administered via a mask worn over the nose. If you do decide to use oral sedation, you will need to arrange a ride home from our office.

No matter what, we will work with you to discover what works best. We want you to feel taken care of and relaxed while you’re with us. By offering these calming amenities to all our patients, we believe that we are helping them to overcome their dental anxiety. With enough time, patients will associate feeling at ease with being at our office.

We’ll Provide the Comfort You Deserve

Our dentist serving Orange Park and Greater Jacksonville, FL, and staff are committed to a positive patient experience. We want nothing more than for you to feel relaxed during any dental procedure. If you require sedation to help with your dental anxiety or would love to pet a dog while you’re in, we can make that happen for you. Call Marino Family Dentistry today at (904) 269-2185 to request an appointment.

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